If your website takes more than 2 seconds to load, you're losing customers

WordPress Speed Optimisation

First impressions count.

Website speed is critical to your business. It underpins the first impression that you make with a new visitor. You have on average 5-7 seconds to capture the attention of a visitor when they first come to your website. So, if your website takes a while to load, you can frustrate your visitors and not give them a good opportunity to view the products or services that you offer.

First impressions count. Website speed is an important part of the user experience when a visitor comes to your site. Our world is dominated by mobile phones and tablets, with people used to being able to access information fast at their fingertips. The average business website has around 40-50% traffic from mobile devices. The thirst for quick gratification when it comes to mobile browsing, as well as traditional desktop and laptop machines, mean that your visitors will be impatient if your website is loading slowly.

Delivering a fast website experience to your visitors will help to keep them engaged with your content. Whether you have a website that sells products or services directly, or your website acts as a brochure, it’s important that users can trust your business and understand what you do. If you ensure that your pages load quickly, this is a great first trust point.

Website speed is important for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). In the last couple of years, it has become a ranking factor in Google, as well as other search engines. In addition, a faster website will help with boosting additional metrics such as bounce rate, time on site and more.

Finally, one of the most important metrics that you should be measuring on your website is ‘Conversions’. Some examples of conversions are: a user filling in a form on a page; opting-in to receive more information from you; and selling a product or service through your website. A fast website will keep users engaged on your website and help them to complete the actions that you’d like them to take. A slow website will typically have an adverse reaction on your website’s conversion rate, with more visitors leaving your website and potentially visiting a competitor’s website instead.

The importance of a fast website

There are many benefits to having a fast website. Here's a selection of 6 important benefits that you can bring to your business by ensuring that your website is well optimised and loading quickly.

  • User Experience

    We live in a mobile dominated world, with users who are used to receiving immediate content and answers. A fast website helps to avoid impatience and losing visitors to your competitors.

  • Visitor Engagement

    Fast websites keep users engaged with your content. Delivering pages at a 'page turning' speed, keeps them reading your message and another step closer to purchasing your products or services.

  • Trust

    Websites that load quickly help users to trust your business. It's important to help users to trust and understand your business as quickly as possible, so ensuring your pages load in under a couple of seconds is a great start.

  • Conversions

    Companies such as Amazon have stated that a 0.1 second increase in page loading speed, leads to a 1% decline in sales. A faster website encourages users to complete a purchase or to make contact with you.

  • SEO Impact

    Website speed is a ranking factor with search engines such as Google, so a faster website can directly impact your search engine rankings. In addition, it will also boost metrics such as bounce rate, time on site and more.

  • Referrals

    People like referring others to a great business if they feel that the products or service will be of benefit. By operating a fast website, you can present an excellent first impression to your referrals and increase the chance of generating business from them.

WordPress Speed Optimisation Service

We offer a WordPress speed optimisation service to help you to deliver your website as fast as possible to your visitors. Our service involves three stages:

  1. Website & Hosting Audit - The first step with any speed optimisation work is to fully evaluate the existing website and the hosting platform that is being used. We'll assess the work that we need to do to optimise the website as well as the suitability of the hosting platform. We are happy to recommend hosting providers that would provide an optimal level of performance.
  2. Website Optimisation - We will carry out the actions that we've identified from the audit stage. This will involve optimisation of the website software, website code, theme, plugins, images and other media. If the hosting platform was an issue, this is also the stage where we would help you migrate the website over to the new provider.
  3. Performance Review & Testing - After we've finished the performance action plan that we put together, we'll review the performance of the website. We'll do this across multiple browsers and devices to ensure that the website is loading optimally for all users. Once completed, we'll provide you with a report of the work carried out and a performance comparison.

For more information and to get started with speeding up your website, click the button below and we'll talk you through the next steps.

Our clients said...

"Absolutely brilliant - helped us to move servers seamlessly and stress free, and speeded up our site from around 10 seconds to just 1 second! Highly recommended, very impressed!"

Dino G.

Manchester Staff

"Thank you for your excellent work in speeding up my website. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and will certainly use you again."

Peter W.

Bains Watts

"So pleased with the improvement in speed. We went from 12 to 15 seconds to 1! And all done in a day. Matt provided excellent descriptions and advice and I look forward to working with him again."

Sarju R.

c360 Compliance Software

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