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Are you on the pulse?

It’s important that your website has regular maintenance, much like servicing your car. Without regular care and maintenance, plus regular reviews to ensure that your website is relevant and standing out in your market, you run the risk of losing potential customers to your competition.

One of the most common issues that we find on websites that are more than a couple of years old is that they haven’t considered users of mobile or tablet devices. For a typical business website mobile and tablet traffic accounts for 40% - 50% of visits. This number can be as high as 80% for some industries. How does your website currently display on mobile or tablet devices? If it doesn’t resize responsively to suit the screen size on which its being viewed, you can present a poor browsing experience to your website visitors. Does it make sense to alienate at least 4 out of every 10 visitors to your website?

Like many other technology industries, the web design industry moves forward at a rapid pace. Something that was a great idea and attractive in 2010, may not have the same impact on your website visitors today. It’s important to regularly review and assess your website to ensure that it still has an impact with your target audience. Think of it like decorating your home. Refreshing the colours of your walls or choice of furnishings can have a great impact in the look and feel of your home. The same goes for your website. Giving your website a fresh coat of paint or updating the look and feel, helps to keep you in touch with your audience and take advantage of modern design trends.

It’s amazing how many businesses we talk to, have introduced a new product or service into their business, but they’re not promoting it on their website. Whether you offer products or services, your website is a sales platform and is one of the first things that a potential customer will see. If you don’t tell your potential customers about your products or services, how are they going to know that you offer them? You don’t have to take online payments for this to be important. Your website can operate as a sales platform for your business, just to generate leads and enquiries. Make sure that you don’t forget to add the details of your latest products, services or new features to your website.

Your competitors will never stand still. It would be great if they did, but they won’t. Just like you, they’re going to be regularly evaluating their website and their marketing campaigns. When did you last review yours? It’s important to keep an eye on your competition and any changes that are occurring in your industry. You don’t want to be the last to find out that one of your competitors has made an impactful change that has created waves in your industry. If you stay on top of the changes that your competition are making, you can tweak your own message to ensure that you keep potential customers eyes on your brand.

How long does your website take to load? In today's modern world, users are notoriously impatient. You have on average 5-7 seconds to capture their attention with your website. If your website is not loading within a couple of seconds, you're making it almost impossible to capture the attention of your potential customers, running the risk of them returning to the search engines and visiting a competitor's website instead. Your aim should be for your website to load in 2 seconds or less, ideally in under 1 second - but this will usually require using a great web hosting provider and having a highly optimised website.

Is your website converting? If you’ve read that question and you don’t currently know - don’t panic, we can work this out with an easy formula. Firstly, take the number of website visitors for the last month. Then take the number of enquiries that you had from the website (emails, live chat and phone calls) - these are your leads. Finally, write down the number of leads that you successfully converted into sales. For example:

* 5,000 visitors
* 200 enquiries (leads)
* 50 sales

We can see here that 4% of website visitors are making enquiries and then 25% of those enquiries are leading to sales. If we were selling a product or service that was £200 - this would equate to £10,000 of revenue. We can go further into these numbers looking at the Lifetime Value of a customer, but the most important thing is that you need to track these numbers. When you know how your website converts, you can start to predict how changes in your marketing activities and a greater flow of traffic to your website will affect your business and generate you more revenue.

Your website probably doesn’t convert as well as it should right now, but there’s no need to panic. With some effective changes, you can encourage users to take action and to make enquiries about your products or services.

Our Website Health Check service is designed to help business owners like you who have an established website. It’s a website audit, a marketing audit and a competitor audit all rolled into one. At the end of the audit, we’ll present you with a report that has highlighted action steps that we recommend should be taken with your website and marketing message. We even include 2 hours of our time, to help you get these action steps implemented immediately.

What do we focus on with your Website Health Check?

  • Website Design

    We'll look at the design of your website and how it displays across various devices. We'll evaluate how your current message comes across to visitors.

  • User Experience

    We'll review how a user experiences your website and the flow of the customer journey as they navigate through your site.

  • SEO / Online Visibility

    We'll look at how visible your website is currently to potential customers in the search engines, in comparison to your competitors.

  • Conversion Optimisation

    We'll review your marketing message and any Call to Action (CTA) on your website. Most business websites have improvements that can be made here.

  • Website Performance

    We'll run speed tests on your website and look at the loading time across different devices and locations. Speed is critical to your website.

  • Website Security

    We'll run security tests on your website to evaluate the current security status and health of your site. 

What do you get?

We'll carry out your Website Health Check over a period of a couple of days. Once we've completed our website audit, marketing audit and competitor audit, we'll present our findings to you in a report - complete with action steps.

The easy to follow action steps can be actioned immediately, to start benefiting your business.

As part of our Website Health Check, we include two hours of website changes to action any recommended next steps. You'll be surprised at what exactly we can achieve in two hours.

If you need a little more time, or if you want us to make more in-depth changes we can discuss these with you too.

Our clients said...

Highly impressed with Matt's work ethic and speed. We've recently inherited a site from a previous developer, he has patched it securely and added extra security features, along with advice on policies and rules in-house. Highly recommended and very professional.

Andre F.

Web Designer

Matt went above and beyond what was required. He delivered the work on time and with a full guide after the work was completed. Highly recommended.

Ollie D.

Pure Lamps

Matt gave more help and info than I could have possibly imagined. Matt was clear and concise and backed up everything he said up with reports, advice and, most important of all, the way forward. Thank you Matt, I look forward a long working relationship with you.

Lynn L.

Petit Posh

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