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Recover your hacked website.

It’s unfortunately far too common in today’s world for websites to get hacked or maliciously attacked. Stolen data is a valuable resource amongst criminals. We see on a weekly basis now, large companies who are admitting a security breach with their systems.

It’s a common school of thought to assume that as a small business or a small website, you’re not important enough in the eyes of a malicious attacker and thus you’ll be safe from their attacks. This is a dangerous mindset. Whilst, yes, you’re not as important from a data perspective - there are many different types of attack - many of which are automated. Your website could be hacked to host malware, which will target your visitors. Your website could be hacked in order to assist in sending out bulk spam emails. Your website and server could even be used to power larger attacks on other sites.

The attacks that we see succeed will typically target outdated software on a website. In the case of WordPress, this would be outdated core files, outdated plugins or an outdated theme. Exploits and security issues are found for software and these are patched by the developers. If you don’t install these updates, you leave your website vulnerable to attack.

Another issue that we commonly see are insecure passwords or passwords that are used in more than one location. You should be enforcing strong passwords with your WordPress installation. By ‘strong password’ we mean a password that contains letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and special characters. If you have any administrative users who save passwords to their computer, they should be storing these in a secure password manager - never their browser. If their machine is hacked, it’s very easy for those passwords to be harvested from the browser.

As you’re reading this page, you’ve most likely recently suffered an attack or have a security issue that needs some assistance. Our ‘Save My Website’ service has designed to provide WordPress Hack Recovery to you, as a critical response to your website being attacked.

WordPress Hack Recovery

What does our WordPress Hack Recovery service cover? We have a 7 step system when it comes to recovering WordPress websites, removing malicious content or malware and securing them moving forwards.

  • Full Backup before starting

    We take a full backup of your website files and database before we start any work on your website.

  • Scan your site and check file integrity

    We'll scan your website and check the integrity of files, particularly any files that have been recently updated. We'll assess the affected item(s) and prepare for removal.

  • Remove malicious content and clean the website

    We'll remove any malicious content that we've found from your website. We'll clean the website and fix the source of your infection.

  • Setup security measures

    We'll setup necessary security measures to protect your WordPress website. This will include security plugins, hardening the security of your site. We'll also enforce a password reset of all administrative users.

  • Remove site from blacklists

    When a website is compromised, it can be blocked on various online backlists such as Google Search Console, McAfee Siteadvisor, Yandex Webmaster and more. We'll submit review requests on your behalf.

  • Set up a back-up system

    We'll set up a backup system for your website, where it is backed up every day. You should never rely on your hosting company alone for backups! Backups can be saved to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and more.

  • Provide further recommendations

    When we've finished helping you with your website, we'll provide some further recommendations for you to help you keep your website up-to-date and secure in the future. You may want to join one of our WordPress Care Plans - so that you have a team of WordPress experts on your side, helping you maintain your website.

Sounds great? Here's how to get started

Our 'Save My Website' service is a fixed fee of £195. We'll need some details from you, which we'll take in the next steps after you click the button below.

These are the details we'll need from you:

  • Website URL
  • Admin Login (Username and Password)
  • Hosting Login
  • Details of any issues that have occurred on your website - or that your hosting company have told you that you need to fix.

So, click the button below - fill out the details for us and make your payment, and then we can get started!

Our typical turnaround time is within one working day. We work from 9am - 6pm (GMT), Monday to Friday. We may be available even faster - to check our current availability, click the live chat icon in the bottom right of your screen.

Our clients said...

Matt has been fantastic as always. I dropped him a message about a major issue I was having and Matt has resolved it in less than a day. Thanks Matt. A pleasure working with you as always!

Dave A.

Trade Warehouse

Matt was very friendly and regularly kept me updated. He gave me a detailed report of all the security issues that he had uncovered and fixed. He also gave me lots of solid advice. If you are looking for somebody trustworthy who knows his stuff. He's your man!! Will definitely be using again.

Mimi B.

Sacred Tree Essences

Matt was brilliant - a real pleasure to work. He went over on beyond what was required even before commencing the work needed to get my site secure and he kept me in the loop. I recommend him highly and will definitely be working with him again. Thanks Matt 🙂

Annabelle M.

Beautifully Undressed

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