Security and maintenance of your website are two of the most vital things to consider and to ensure that you have in place as you move forwards. Our Support services are here to help business owners just like you. Whether you need on-going assistance with maintaining your website or you need one-off assistance with cleaning up and securing a website after being hacked - we’ve got you covered.

We are firm believers that every WordPress website should be on a WordPress Care Plan. Of course, we may seem biased - but it’s only because we care deeply about website maintenance and website security. WordPress Care Plans provide peace of mind to you, the business owner, so that you can leave your website in the hands of experts whilst you continue your day to day business tasks. A WordPress Care Plan will typically include website updates and maintenance with a level of support time available, where you can send queries to our expert team who will be happy to assist you. For the higher level of plans, there are also additional features such as speed optimisation, marketing assistance and monthly consulting calls.

Much like servicing your car, it’s important to also have regular maintenance for your website. Our Website Health Check is an audit for your website, looking at how it’s currently operating, any marketing on the website and also how you’re currently sitting in your market in comparison to your competitors. Unless your website has just been built and launched, it’s more than likely that there are items you can improve on that will help to generate you more traffic, bring more leads into your business and convert a greater number of leads into sales. Our Website Health Check comes with a couple of hours of development time, which you can utilise to start fixing any issues that we find, immediately.

An unfortunate consequence of owning a website in today’s modern world is that there are nefarious individuals and groups out there who enjoy hacking and causing malicious damage to websites. This comes back to why it’s so important that you are regularly taking care of your website’s maintenance and security tasks - or you have a team of experts to assist you with these. Whilst some of these hacks are non-destructive, there are many that are designed to steal data - especially if you run an E-Commerce website. Our Save My Website service is designed to provide an immediate response to a hacked website and to help you get back up and running quickly.

The speed of your website is critical to your business. If your website doesn’t load quickly, you are losing potential customers. In today’s modern world you need a fast website as users do not have the patience to wait a long time for your website to load. There have been numerous studies on website speed, but you typically need to be engaging a visitor to your site within 5 - 7 seconds. If your website hasn’t loaded in the first couple of seconds, you’re not leaving yourself much time to actually engage with the user. Speed Optimisation services are designed to ensure that your website is loading as quickly as possible. We recommend that a website should be loading in less than 2 seconds. For websites that we build for our clients, we aim for loading times of 1 second or less, when they utilise our recommended hosting providers. Website speed has other benefits too, since it’s a ranking factor in Google - a fast website can actually help you to have more visibility in the search engines.

If you’re looking to move to a new hosting provider or to switch your WordPress website to a new domain - we can help you. Our Website Migration service is designed to help you move your website to a new hosting provider with minimal fuss. We’re highly experienced with WordPress migrations, with our team having performed over 1,000 of these since 2003. If your website is slow with your current hosting company and you’re not sure what to do or where to move the site - we can also advise you on the best hosting companies that suit your business and location.

Finally, our FAQs page is a collection of the questions that we are most frequently asked by our clients. We’ve put them all onto one easy to use page - so if you have a question, it has more than likely been answered here already. If you can’t find an answer to your question, we’ve included a form on the page where you can ask a question, or you can click the ‘Live Chat’ button in the bottom right corner of the screen and talk to us directly.

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