Email Marketing

Are you missing out on repeat business?

There’s no better way to gain repeat business for your Website than through email marketing. Email marketing technology allows you to speak individually to your existing customers, increasing the lifetime value of each customer, and gaining profitable repeat business without high acquisition costs.

Opt in email marketing campaigns to prospects can also generate a significant boost in visits, sales and new customers for your web site.

We provide a full email marketing campaign management service, to help you gain more business from your existing customers or to build new traffic. We can help you at every step of the way from campaign planning, targeting, creative, testing, broadcast and tracking, to make sure you build close relationships with your customers and can measure the results of your efforts.
Email marketing services

  • Email marketing campaign research and planning
  • Life cycle email marketing including automated product replenishment messages, anniversary purchase emails, and seasonal repeat purchase emails.
  • Triggered email marketing such as automated shopping cart abandonment follow up emails, and post order or enquiry follow up emails after fixed periods of time.
  • Carefully planned email marketing campaigns to targeted market segments
  • Opt in email database list management and email broadcast services.
  • Email design and creative testing to ensure high opening and click through rates
  • Campaign monitoring, conversion tracking and performance analysis
  • Our mail servers can send over 10,000,000 emails a day

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