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Build a tribe - connect and engage with your followers

Looking to engage with your customers and grow your brand? You need to consider Social Media Marketing. Whether you sell directly to consumers or you sell to other businesses, there are social media platforms that are ideal for you to spread your message and build a tribe.

Social media can be daunting when you get started. We get you - there are new platforms and apps popping up all the time and coming into the media spotlight. As a business owner, you need to know where to focus your time and energy so that your message isn’t wasted on deaf ears.

As of 2017, 30% of all time spent online was on Social Media. The ‘average person’ is spending 2 hours and 15 minutes per day on social networks and messaging. As you can see, this gives you an excellent opportunity to engage, interact, spread your message and grow your brand.

Effective Social Media Marketing is the implementation of a well thought out plan. It’s not just a ‘set and forget’ option, you should carefully consider the goals that you want to achieve and how you’re going to measure your success in achieving these. You need to understand your audience, research your competition and think about the metrics that are most important to your business. 

Another important thing to consider is how you’ll communicate with customers on Social Media. In today’s modern world, customers will quickly reach out to you on Social Media if they have an issue or need your help. Sometimes the feedback will be good and sometimes they’ll have a poor experience that needs resolving. By monitoring Social Media activity, you can quickly get in touch with these customers and turn a negative experience into a positive one. Remember, this is a public interaction so other people will see it. By taking the right steps here, you generate goodwill for you brand.

We can help you create an effective, memorable Social Media Marketing strategy to engage with your audience, grow your tribe and increase the reach of your business.

Social Media Goals

Here's 6 example goals that you may want to consider with your Social Media Marketing campaign.

  • Create A Tribe

    Engage with your followers and create a positive brand persona with your Social Media activities. The more you interact with your audience and communicate in their language, the larger your tribe will grow. Having followers that react positively to your posts, sharing them with others - promotes even more growth.

  • Increase Awareness

    When you're looking to increase your brand awareness, you want to avoid too many promotional messages. Focus on your brand's core principles and message, share your passion and build your Social personality.

  • Improve ROI

    This one seems obvious right? Every single business that uses Social Media will want to improve the return that they generate from their efforts. Monitor your spend on Social Media (tools, resources, design costs etc) - make sure it's bringing a good return to your business.

  • Keep Informed

    It's important to stay in touch with what your competitors are doing on Social Media. This is not so you can copy what they're doing - but you want to be able to react to any promotional changes, as well as making notes to improve your own strategies.

  • Retail Stores

    If you have a physical location, a key goal for Social Media could be to drive foot traffic into your store. Perhaps you want to offer a promotion for days when your store is typically quieter, to generate more visitors and more revenue.

  • Customer Support

    Some of the biggest brands in the world have great support teams for Social Media. They assist unhappy customers within a matter of minutes. Effective support and guidance turns a negative into a positive - this is a net gain for your business.

Our Social Media Marketing approach

  • Discover

    We kick off the project with the Discovery stage. In this, we explore your requirements to establish the brief for your Social Media Marketing campaign.

  • Prototype

    Once underway, we put together an outline of your Social Media Marketing campaign. This will typically be our campaign plan and schedule, to be actioned over the following months.

  • Design

    This is where the magic starts to happen. We'll be getting started on designing the initial assets for your Social Media Marketing campaign. This would include the design of any graphical elements and ad copy.

  • Deliver

    For Social Media Marketing campaigns, this stage is where we'll submit our initial ad copy and graphics for approval. We'll start to schedule your posts and set up our monitoring tools for your brand.

  • Launch

    Your new Social Media Marketing campaign is now live! We'll be creating content, posting content on your behalf and interacting with your brand's followers, as agreed in the plan and schedule. We'll provide monthly reports, giving you the important metrics and monitoring areas where we can generate further success for your business.

Our clients said...

AntiSushi have been assisting with our Social Media efforts for the past few years now. Mel posts on social media and writes blog posts for our audience, as well as running competitions. We’re very happy with her work!

Alex P.

Hamper Gifts

I’ve never really understood social media, although I can see why it’s important when it has an impact on our business. Working with Mel, we’ve increased the number of followers and clicks to my website, which in turn has lead to an increase in enquiries. Thank you for your great work!

Sue F.


Matt helped us to plan a social media strategy that we could work on inside our business. His clever, effective methods plus a great recommendation for tools that would improve our workflow have been invaluable.

Shaun G.

Design Agency

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