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Launch, growth, success! We can help with your marketing strategy and planning, right through to execution

Starting a business is tough - it’s no surprise to learn that 4 in 10 businesses fail inside the first 5 years. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you have a clear marketing strategy and a plan to grow and scale your business, to achieve your goals. Utilising Marketing Consulting can help you to strategise effectively and have a clear understanding of where your business is currently and what you need to do to reach the goals that you have set.

Looking at your current position in your market or developing a marketing strategy can be a difficult task, particularly if you’re hands on in the business. Getting an outside perspective, from a team who have proven marketing expertise and experience with managing campaigns for start-ups and well-established companies, can help you to get a fresh idea and guidance for moving forwards.

Consulting with a marketing company gives you access to people who live and breathe marketing strategy, planning and execution. Whether you just want to sit down for a few hours and discuss strategy, or you’d prefer to have a full campaign planned and executed, you’re in the right place. You can be free to spend time on the tasks that are important to you in your business - with your marketing campaign running 'hands-free'.

We help companies of all sizes to re-think their marketing. Get in touch and we can discuss how to propel your business forwards and put together a marketing plan for growth and success.

Benefits of Marketing Consultancy

  • Outside Perspective

    Utilising a consultant from outside of your business gives you a fresh look at your marketing processes. It’s easy to be somewhat blinkered when you only have internal eyes on your marketing strategies. Letting a marketing consultant evaluate your strategies is invaluable whether you're a start-up or an existing business.

  • Specialised Skills

    A marketing consultant can bring specialised skills such as SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation and more. Highly skilled consultants will help you to focus your marketing and avoid wasting money on strategies that are not effective.

  • Shorter Commitment

    You can engage with a team for marketing consultancy for a one-off strategy meeting or for a short-term period. You don’t have to recruit a full-time employee - so you’re reducing labour and office costs and ultimately saving money.

  • Time Saving

    It’s easy to hire a marketing consultant to assist you with your business. They can quickly review your current strategies and start making changes to help you grow. This frees up time for you to focus on other areas of your business.

  • More Accountability

    It’s very hard to be focused for 100% of the time in business and it’s easy to lose track of progress. A marketing consultant can help you to set goals, create objectives and focus on targets. This helps to improve productivity and efficiency.

  • Avoid Office Politics

    For some companies, making a decision or working on a difficult issue can lead to it being hard for them to make a decision or take the next step forward, without office politics getting in the way. As the marketing consultant is external to your business, they can make decisions easier and give unbiased viewpoints.

Our approach to Marketing Consulting

  • Discover

    We kick off the project with the Discovery stage. In this, we explore your existing marketing strategies and processes. We'll discuss your goals with you and learn what you'd like to achieve with your business.

  • Marketing Plan

    Once underway, we put together an outline for your marketing plan. We'll review the goals that you have for your business and help you to define a strategy that achieves those goals.

  • Design

    This is where the plan starts to come together. For your marketing strategy, we'll discuss with you new areas of content to add to your website as well as any new graphical elements that would be beneficial. If there are significant changes to make to your existing website, this would be the time when we'll be making these.

  • Deliver

    We'll assist you with delivering the latest version of you website, new content, graphical elements and more. Any new advertising copy that requires approval will be submitted at this stage.

  • Launch

    Your new marketing strategies are live and the first action steps have been taken!  We'll assist you with optimising your strategies as well as training any of your team members in order to help them to be more effective. We'll work with you on a strategic basis moving forwards, with monthly or weekly calls.

Our clients said...

I’ve worked with Matt on quite a few projects now, on behalf of my own clients. Matt has helped me to put together marketing campaigns, which can then be executed by my team. It’s great to have a high level overview and to have someone to turn to for guidance.

Martin B.

Web Designer

We came to Matt after our last E-Commerce experience hadn’t gone very well with another company. Before we re-developed the website, we wanted a clear strategy for getting traction with our website. Matt provided (and helped to execute) a great plan and we’re very delighted with the results.

Javad K.

Tech Express

AntiSushi have provided a number of consultation days over the past couple of years, to assist our in-house marketing team with running more effective campaigns. They are the first people that we turn to for advice with digital marketing.

Michael B.

House Builder

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