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Email Marketing

Grow your list.

Building an email newsletter is a crucial step for any business serious about their marketing strategy. An email list gives you access to loyal, engaged subscribers who are excited about your business and interested in your products or services.

There are many ways to sign a user up to a list. For an E-Commerce website, you could offer a discount coupon to new subscribers, which they can use on their first order. For a service based business, you may have a whitepaper or an ebook that helps a visitor with a potential issue or problem that they want to solve. For example, as a plumber you may have a ‘7 Step Guide to efficiently heating your home in the winter’. The user will fill in their name and email address to receive the content that you are offering.

With the recent GDPR changes, it’s important to be aware that users are given the opportunity to consent to receive any marketing communications from you. So on any sign-up form that you have on your website, there needs to be a clear statement of how the user’s personal information will be used and the ability for them to opt-in to receive the communications.

Many business owners are afraid of running an email newsletter as they worry that it takes a lot of time for them to create content and to send out on a regular basis. Contrary to this belief, a weekly or monthly email newsletter can be sent out with less than an hour’s work, including a short period of time to proof-read and test before sending out in full to your list.

As for the content, an easy source of content will be your latest blog posts and company activities. You can keep your subscribers up to date on your new products or services and any relevant news in your industry. Your email newsletter is a regular update that you send out to keep subscribers updated and to nurture them with the content that you put out.

It’s easier to sell your products or services to customers who have already purchased from your business. By nurturing your relationship with your existing customers who have subscribed to your email newsletter, you help them to make a future purchasing choice and to spend money again with your business.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Low Cost

    In comparison to other marketing channels, Email Marketing has a low cost of entry. All you need is email software, which can be free if you have less than 2000 subscribers on your list.

  • Engaged Audience

    Your emails are being sent out to an audience that is already engaged with you and has subscribed to your list. This can bring far higher conversion rates as you're only targeting people that know and like your business.

  • Targeted Messaging

    Email software gives you the ability to drill down into your list and to target specific sections. For example, if you wanted to target people that regularly purchased 'Widget A', to send a special offer, you can do this with the right website and email setup.

  • Create Revenue

    Email Marketing is an excellent platform for taking advantage of impulse purchases. You can send an engaged customer a link to a product on your service and they can make a purchase from your website in just a few clicks.

  • Easy to Start

    As mentioned under 'low cost', it's was to get started with Email Marketing. Once you have an email software account chosen, you can start building your list and sending out emails. Most providers will give you the ability to create a template that suits your business - but you don't need to. Plain text emails convert very well for many industries too.

  • Easy to Measure

    The majority of Email Marketing software solutions will give you access to a whole range of statistics on your previous emails. This allows you to effectiveness of your email and revise this for the future. Some software will allow you to send variations of your email to sections of your email list.

  • Easy to Share

    An email is very easy for a recipient to share by forwarding to a friend, or even printing out a hard copy. Engaged subscribers can actually bring you even more subscribers, because they are so passionate about your content.

  • Quick Impact

    Sending out an email has an immediate impact, as the recipient receives that email shortly afterwards. It's easy to target a campaign to take advantage of that immediate effect - for example, a one day offer on certain products or services.

  • Global Audience

    Email Marketing allows you to reach out to a global audience by just sending out an email. No other marketing channel gives you this much reach in such a short period of time.

  • Fantastic ROI

    Email Marketing offers a fantastic opportunity to generate a large return on your investment. The DMA reported that businesses were seeing a return of £32.28 for every £1 spent in 2017. The low cost of entry, targeted messaging and your highly engaged audience, will bring results.

Our Email Marketing Approach

Step 1


Your email marketing project will start with our Discovery stage. In this, we explore your requirements to establish the basis for your Email Marketing campaign. We’ll talk about whether you have an existing list or if we’re starting from scratch.

Step 2


We’ll work with you to understand your business and your target audience. If you haven’t yet defined your Perfect Client Avatar, we can assist you with this. We’ll look at your website and discuss key items that can be implemented for success.

Step 3

Opt-In Form

You need to have somewhere on your website that people can opt-in to join your email list. Typically this will be an opt-in form on a page or blog post. We’ll help you to create some key opt-in areas that will help you to grow your email list.

Step 4

Emails & Lead Magnets

Next we move onto the design stage, where we help you to craft an email design for your brand. We can also advise on lead magnets (white papers, reports, etc) that you may want to create to give away to your new email subscribers.

Step 5


We’ll review and test the opt-in forms that have been created on your website, ensuring that tags are correctly applied to your subscribers. We’ll also test automations, making sure that these are being correctly sent out to nurture your list.

Step 6


Your new email marketing campaign is ready to go! Your first message will be sent out to your subscribers and you’ll be able to send traffic to your new opt-in forms. We can assist with your email marketing campaign on an on-going basis.

Our clients said...

AntiSushi helped set up MailChimp and teach our internal team how to send out newsletters and updates on an on-going basis. Impressive ad-hoc support whenever we need.

Carla K.

KJ Accounting

AntiSushi help with emails for my business periodically. Matt has always been very responsive and helpful with creating, testing and sending out emails exactly when agreed. Very happy!

Annie M.

Business Consultant

We lapsed with sending out emails for the past 3 years, so had a large but unengaged email list. Matt helped us to clean up this list, paying attention to GDPR changes. We now have a smaller, but very engaged list that we send to each week and are already seeing returns on our investment.

Abby P.

Red Fish

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