Marketing services are all about getting your business, your products or services and your message in front of the right people. It’s important to understand who your ideal client is and where they spend their time on the Internet. When you understand how your ideal client uses the Internet, you can start to plan your marketing activities more effectively.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is likely to be one of the first ways that you’ve heard about, as a business owner, to market your website online. Traditionally, in the early days of the Internet it was quite easy for people to ‘game the system’ by just building thousands of links that point towards their website. Nowadays, search engines such as Google (the most popular search engine in the UK), are heavily focused on the quality of the content on your website. If they feel that your content is more valuable to people searching than your competitor, you’ll show higher in the rankings. Of course it’s a little more complicated than that, but that’s SEO in a nutshell.

If you’re looking for the fastest way to bring traffic to your website, then you should look for Pay Per Click (PPC) services. There are a variety of platforms for this, with Google Adwords being one of the largest - offering search ads, display ads, shopping ads and remarketing. Other large platforms for advertising include Facebook, LinkedIn and Bing Ads. Creating a custom campaign that targets your ideal client and showing them content that they are interested in, is a great way to promote your business. You only pay for interested parties that have clicked on your adverts and you can set daily limits to control spending. One of the best features of PPC is the ability to do something called “remarketing”. If you’ve ever noticed products or services for certain companies ‘following’ you across the Internet as you browse different websites, this is an example of remarketing. The process of remarketing involves targeting potential customers who have visited your website, to show them adverts for the products or services that they were interested in when they were on your site.

Hands up if you want to have more leads for your business? If you didn’t raise your hand here you’re either running the best marketing campaigns already, you have no competitors or perhaps you didn’t hear us say “Simon Says” at the start of the sentence. Every business needs more traffic, bringing more potential clients and customers who are interested in your products or services. Utilising Marketing Automation, we can bring new leads to your business through a marketing funnel. The funnel helps to educate the user about your products or services, getting them excited and engaged for what you have to offer. We can also use Marketing Automation to re-engage with existing customers or users that have not yet made a purchase. An example of this would be on an E-Commerce website where the customer did not complete a purchase. We can send them an email to let them know that they still have items in their cart and encourage them to return to make a purchase. This is known as “abandoned cart recovery”. There are many ways we can utilise Marketing Automation in your business and the great thing about automation (it’s in the name after all), is that once it’s set up - it runs without your input, like magic. This leaves you free to concentrate on your day-to-day business activities.

You’ve probably heard many people tell you previously “the money is in the list” - when talking about email newsletters or email marketing. They’re certainly not wrong - in fact, an email list can be considered a vital component for your business. Building an email list gives you access to loyal, engaged subscribers who are excited about your business and interested in your products or services. With email marketing, we can carry out all sorts of activities. The most simple of these is a regular email newsletter, talking about new products or services in your business and keeping your subscribers up-to-date with relevant industry news. Moving on from this, you can start to be creative with your email list. Let’s imagine you have a restaurant and Tuesday is your slowest day of the week currently. If you have a list of excited and engaged users in your local area who love your restaurant, you can easily send out an email on Tuesday morning offering a small discount to subscribers who book a table for Tuesday evening. This helps you to increase the number of covers that you sell, brings in more revenue and your subscribers feel special as they received a discount. Marketing like this works across many industries and it’s all possible because you built an email list.

We completely understand when the majority of business owners say to us how daunting social media can be. There are so many different platforms, it can be hard to work out which platforms you should focus your Social Media Marketing on. When you look a little deeper (time permitting), you’ll start to see that different social media platforms are actually better for different industries. If you sell B2C, then you need to be on Facebook - as a large percentage of your potential customers are on here. If you sell B2B, then you’ll find LinkedIn is a key area for you to focus on. Is your business visual - Instagram or Pinterest are perfect for you. Ultimately, almost all of the platforms have something to offer for each type of business. Whichever platform you choose, it’s important to remember that they are setup for engaging with your followers. You don’t want to be promotional with every single post that you write. Users want to engage with your brand, so you should think about the tone of your business and create content that resonates with them.

If you’re looking for a refresh of your existing marketing strategy or if you need a top-level overview of your existing campaigns, then you’re looking for our Marketing Consulting services. We help businesses with one-off powerful strategy meetings, giving them takeaways to action for their businesses. We also work with businesses on an on-going basis, providing marketing consultancy and marketing strategies on a monthly basis, with catch-up calls to run through upcoming tasks and events. We’ve helped brands with full marketing campaigns and also just assisted with single channels of their overall marketing mix.

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