E-Commerce Websites

Sell your digital or physical products from your own virtual shop window

Whether your products are physical or digital, you can advertise these on your E-Commerce website and make them available to purchase to your target market, wherever they’re located in the world. The greatest benefit of E-Commerce is that you do not need to be ‘present’ for the sale to be processed. Orders can be received whilst you’re sleeping and you can wake up to a bundle of new orders from excited new customers.

E-Commerce represents an excellent opportunity for a new revenue stream for your business. It’s suitable for almost any product or purchasable service - physical or digital, so you’re not restricted to just listing physical products like Amazon. Perhaps you want to offer a monthly service as an accountant or a fitness instructor? Well, you can build this into an E-Commerce website and receive regular recurring monthly payments from your happy clients.

In the world of E-Commerce, more and more of your customers will be using their mobile phone or tablet to browse the Internet and to do their online shopping. In fact, up to 80% of the visitors to your website will be using a mobile or tablet device. So, it’s extremely important that your website is designed responsively - meaning that the content resizes to suit the size of the screen on which it is being viewed. This helps users on smaller devices to enjoy and engage with your E-Commerce website, whilst also ensuring that they have a clear and logical experience when navigating through your website.

Which Technology?


WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that extends the software into a full E-Commerce platform. It’s a great solution for most E-Commerce websites, bringing the benefits of WordPress to your E-Commerce website.

WooCommerce is easy to use and learn, so ideal as a solution for business owners who want to get up and running with their E-Commerce website quickly.

We recommend WooCommerce websites for most of the E-Commerce projects that we work on. It's more than capable of doing all of the things that Magento can do.


Magento is an open source E-Commerce platform originally released in 2008. It has a good following online with a large number of store owners and developers.

As of 2018, Magento has been acquired by Adobe (for $1.68b) and is likely to have some strong integration into Adobe's platforms moving forwards.

We typically will recommend Magento as a good platform to store owners who have many thousands of products and who need a dedicated platform with specialist features.

Our Approach to E-Commerce Websites

  • Discover

    We kick off the project with the Discovery stage. In this, we explore your requirements to establish the brief for your website project. We'll take time to understand your business and your 'why'.

  • Prototype

    Once underway, we put together an outline of your website. This is in the form of a prototype site, showing how pages link together and the overall framework of the website.

  • Design

    This is where the magic starts to happen. We'll flesh out website design projects with splashes of colour and build out the website around your content.

  • Develop

    Your new website is developed and tested thoroughly with you. Any final tweaks are made to the site, getting it ready for launch.

  • Launch

    Your website has lift off! Time to enjoy your new website online and available for all to see. We support your website launch and our Care Plans provide you with continued support on a monthly basis. For Magento sites, we have separate Care Plans - for more information on these, please get in touch.

Our clients said...

Matt has been fantastic. He has answered all of my questions in full and gone over any above my expectations with researching solutions for me. I would thoroughly recommend talking to Matt if you need help with your Magento site. I will definitely be locking him in for future work!

Janelle H.

Flip Your Dog

Matt is very helpful, he explained what work he would be doing, when he would be doing it and completed all of the work we asked for help on. He knows a great deal about Magento which is very comforting, will be using him again in the future!

Bryoni M.

Jungle IT

We have tried for over 10 years to work with a company like this. Their work was second to none, eye for detail impeccable, they grasped a feel for our business early on and demonstrated everything clearly with precise instruction and videos. Their communication was 150% and feel I have not only gained a very useful contractor for our business but also gained a new friend. I will miss our conversations however don't worry I will be working on the next project very soon. Matt & Team thank you very much.

John L.


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