Marketing Tips 3: Test Your Marketing and Track Your Results

How often do you test how effective your marketing strategy is for you business? If you’re like many business owners that we talk to, you’ll answer with “rarely” or “never”.

The most effective marketing is designed to create more sales, more enquiries, more leads and a greater buzz about your business. Marketing is supposed to make your potential clients notice you and encourage them to get in touch, to make a purchase, to remember who you are. Whatever your goal is with your marketing, you need to find a way to assess the effectiveness.

To avoid a huge gamble with your marketing budget and wasting money in areas which are not generating any revenue for you, split your budget over a number of different marketing ideas. Then, once you see how effective these ideas are for your business you can drop the ones that do not bring in profit and put more of your budget towards the marketing that works for you.

As an example, you might be a landscape gardener who wants new clients in his local area. There are various ‘offline’ opportunities such as advertise in the newspaper or local parish newsletters, you could deliver flyers door-to-door, you could form a partnership with a company offering a service that compliments your own – thus referring clients to each other.

One of the key areas that many businesses miss though are their online marketing efforts. As that landscape gardner you should have a website which is designed to capture the attention of your visitors and encourage them into making a purchase with you. It should be targeted to your local customers, so that when they search for you in the search engines – they can find you on the first page of their search results. The cost of this option is relatively inexpensive when you think of the income that it will bring back to the business. As an example, the landscape gardener’s website can be built by AntiSushi for as little as £99.95.

How many print adverts would you get that last for as long as a website?

Whatever you do, make sure you test it!