Does Your Website Deliver Results?

Are you currently receiving enough traffic to your website and is it converting into sales and income for your business?

With the credit crunch and poor state of the global economy worldwide, many business owners are struggling to ensure that they are getting enough traffic to their websites and into their business, meaning that they are losing out on sales and income.

The Christmas period is a very important time for all of us, as it’s a chance to push promotional ideas, products and services as well as spending time with our loved ones and having a little break from work. But remember — January is not far away, and it’s a month that traditionally will make or break many businesses.

Consumers will have less money to spend on products/services, so will need to be encouraged to spend with you via your website offers. This means you need to have an attractive website, good content and a “call to action” on each page, to encourage that purchase from your visitor. Likewise, advertising budgets for businesses are becoming more strained and it really is time to think more about what you will actually get for your advertising spend. Is that £1000+ Yellow Pages advert, really worth it?

At AntiSushi, we encourage businesses to rethink their online marketing strategies so that they can deliver effective and quality results. Of course we understand that traditional print advertising is important, but when you compare the costs on each for gaining the new customer, online advertising wins hands down every time. Take this example…

E.g. “Mr Smith is a Plumber based in Chichester, West Sussex”

Option 1: Yellow Pages advert – £1000 per year, Local newspaper advert – £50 per week, Friday-Ad advert – £25 per week. Total spend: £4900 (a very conservative estimate).

Local customers will use the above forms of print media, however it is debatable as to the actual number of people reached using each format. The Yellow Pages can often be found to be rarely used in homes these days, with the Internet taking a big precedence for consumers. Also, many consumers like to read the company website’s before making a purchase – looking for testimonials and previous work as examples of the quality and professionalism that they should expect.

Option 2: AntiSushi Marketing Campaign Plan – £250-500 (one-off), £50 management fee monthly. Total spend: £850-1100

This would cover a business the size of a plumber with perhaps 1-5 employees, very easily. For the price shown above, AntiSushi would provide a full review of the plumber’s current website and optimise any parts that need to be changed. We would then get the plumber’s website to the top of the local search engine results, ensuring that when a customer was searching for a plumber in Chichester – he would be at the top of the first page. The monthly fee covers our work each month and also full reports and statistics delivered to you.

A few statistics on current local searches for Plumbers on Google:
There are 400 people searching for a Plumber in Chichester every month.
There are 560 people searching for a Plumber in West Sussex every month.

That’s a total of 11,520 or more people who are ‘pre-qualified’ and ready to spend as soon as they find Mr Smith’s company. If we assume that just 2% of these people actually purchase the service, that’s 230 new customers for Mr Smith during the year. These 230 customers would cost Mr Smith just £3.70 each, based on his advertising.

So which option do you think is better? What would you do with 230 new customers?

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