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27 Apr

Marketing Tips 3: Test Your Marketing and Track Your Results

How often do you test how effective your marketing strategy is for you business? If you’re like many business owners that we talk to, you’ll answer with “rarely” or “never”. The most effective marketing is designed to create more sales, more enquiries, more leads and a greater buzz about your business. Marketing is supposed to

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19 Aug

Marketing Tips 2: Do Something

One of the biggest sins in marketing is ‘over-thinking’ your marketing strategy and spending too long planning everything. You could probably spend the next five years planning your business and marketing strategies out in full, but where will that planning get you, if you never implement it? Nobody likes to sit and cold call businesses,

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12 Aug

Marketing Tips 1: Create A Plan And Checklist

This is a new series of Marketing Tips, aimed at helping small business owners to gain new clients, increase their profits and generate more income. We aim to share at least one tip with you each week. These tips are taken from our eBook “Simple Marketing Ideas: Volume 1”, which you can get for free

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16 Dec

Does Your Website Deliver Results?

Are you currently receiving enough traffic to your website and is it converting into sales and income for your business? With the credit crunch and poor state of the global economy worldwide, many business owners are struggling to ensure that they are getting enough traffic to their websites and into their business, meaning that they

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15 Dec


Welcome to the new AntiSushi website. We’ve updated our website and are currently accepting new clients in the West Sussex area, across the UK and around the World. We are currently offering a FREE consultation on your business and your current marketing methods. To take us up on this great offer, please visit the FREE

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