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You don’t need a website!

Obviously this is not what you expect to see on the website of a WordPress design agency who specialise in creating websites and marketing strategies for your business, but hear us out…

For different industries, a website can delivery varying levels of value and benefit to your business.

If you run an E-Commerce business, then your website is vital for putting customers in front of your products and to encourage them to make a purchase from you.

As a local plumber or electrician, your website can be a source of lead generation - bringing fresh enquiries and leads each week.

You may even just have a website online that people can refer to simply as a trust factor to help build your brand and help prospective clients get to know you.

One thing that runs in common with all of these different website use cases is that a website alone, does not bring success and a never-ending supply of clients. People need to know, like and trust you in order to make a purchase from you. They need to be aware of your business and to be able to find you in the search engines.

So, you don’t need a website - you need a digital platform that delivers success.

We pride ourselves on creating Digital Success Platforms for our clients, to help them to not only have a beautiful website, but to also have a well executed marketing plan that will deliver clients and success to their business.

We work with clients who...

Have a Product / Service

You need to have something to offer to a prospective customer. We only work with legitimate businesses that sell high quality products and services to happy customers, anywhere in the world.

Have Goals

You need SMART (specific, meaningful, action-orientated, realistic and timely) goals. Your goals don’t have to be perfect but you should have an idea of where you want to be and when you want to get there.

Have a Team

If you don’t have a team you should be ready to build one. This may be just a virtual assistant to help with social media tasks and could build up to a fully fledged marketing team.

Have a Budget

You need to have a budget for your project. We can’t work for equity or exposure. You won’t need to dig deep into your savings but you will need to treat this as an investment in your business.

Have Passion

Long-term growth online is achieved through advertising, blogging, informing and educating. It’s hard work and takes time. It’s not fair for everyone involved if you don’t have a passion for what they’re helping you to create.

Have Time

Creating a website, branding a business or running a successful marketing campaign takes time. There will be points in each process that require clear and timely feedback from you. If you don’t have time to provide effective feedback, you bring the process to a halt.

Our Approach as a WordPress design agency

Below is a typical example of our approach to website design and marketing projects. For projects that don't specifically fall under the scope of website design or marketing, e.g. brand identity, we still use the same principles to ensure we have a great process that delivers successful projects for our clients.

  • Discover

    We kick off the project with the Discovery stage. In this, we explore your requirements to establish the brief for your website project or marketing campaign.

  • Prototype

    Once underway, we put together an outline of your website or marketing campaign. For websites this will be a prototype site, showing how pages link together and the framework. For a marketing campaign, this would be our campaign plan and schedule.

  • Design

    This is where the magic starts to happen. We'll flesh out website design projects with splashes of colour and build out the website around your content. For a marketing campaign, this would include the design of any graphical elements and ad copy.

  • Deliver

    Your new website is developed and tested thoroughly with you. Any final tweaks are made to the site, getting it ready for launch. For marketing campaigns, this stage is where we'll submit our initial ad copy and graphics for approval.

  • Launch

    Your website has lift off! Time to enjoy your new website online and available for all to see. We support your website launch and our Care Plans provide you with continued support on a monthly basis. For marketing campaigns this is when we set the campaigns live, continuing to optimise as they progress, based on the available data.

Our Story

First things first, it's important to make it clear that we don't hate sushi. In fact, far from it - sushi is a delicious snack that we regularly enjoy in the office. Our company name extends from a funny story that was fresh in the mind of Director, Matt Davies many years ago. If you're curious - we'll happily regale you with this story over a coffee and a good quality biscuit (if it doesn't dunk twice, it doesn't count).

Moving on to the exciting history of the company... AntiSushi started in 2008, primarily offering Website Design and Marketing services in the West Sussex area of the UK. We started the company to help local small and medium sized business owners to get their businesses online and in front of prospective clients. In September of 2009, we subsequently formed as a UK limited company - AntiSushi Ltd. The certificate of incorporation is still framed and displayed on the wall of our office - is that weird?

Since 2009, we've provided services to clients in over 20 different countries around the world. With a strong expertise in WordPress, Magento, SEO and Brand Identity - we're able to work effectively in many different areas. Many of our clients utilise a number of our services on an on-going basis, allowing us to be a full service WordPress design agency.

Matt is the original director and founder of the company. He has over 18 years of experience with website design, having created his first website when he was 15. Matt is the main website designer on our projects, so you'll benefit from his 15 years of experience with WordPress (since launch in mid-2003) and 10 years of experience with Magento (since 2008). He's also carried out marketing activities for clients for 12 years, specialising in SEO, PPC and Marketing Automation.

Mel joined the team in 2014, bringing considerable graphic design experience from her classically trained artistic background. Her strong eye for colour and creative brain has led to her developing some fantastic brand identities for our clients around the world. In addition to graphic design, Mel is an experienced writer and handles both copywriting and social media marketing.

Looking ahead, we're excited to be bringing a number of new features and services (keep an eye out for them soon). All of the services that we provide follow the simple question of 'Why' - one of the most important questions that you can ask in business. In simple terms, you - the business owner - are our 'Why'. We exist as a business to help you show off your creations and to get you in front of new customers. This is our passion, we live it every day and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Our Team


Matt Davies

Web Design & Marketing
Matt takes care of Web Design and Marketing services for our clients. Starting out with web design in late 1999, Matt has many years of experience and expertise to offer. He has over a decade of experience with SEO, PPC and digital marketing. Outside of work, Matt has a keen interest in Football, Geocaching and Board Games.

Mel Fallon

Graphic Design & Branding Expert
Mel is our in-house branding and design expert. She helps clients to craft their brand’s image and story. She’s also an excellent copywriter, helping you to write in your company’s tone. Mel is a classically trained artist, painting from the age of 10. Outside of work, Mel enjoys spending time enjoying nature, hiking and exploring new places - petting every dog she walks past!
Business Heroes - colored vector flat composition of cartoon characters. Make a great presentation with these caped business superheroes. Superpower, responsibility, efficiency, success, communication.

Local Heroes

Various Skills
On the (rare) occasions that you need a skill that we are not able to assist with in-house, we keep a number of local super heroes on hand who can assist with your project. Our super heroes have been vetted personally and have worked with us on projects previously. We only work with people who give the same time, energy and dedication.

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